Paper Route Gives Back

Of all the wisdom imparted to me in elementary school, there’s one adage that really stands out. “Don’t bring food to class unless you’ve brought enough for everyone.”

That one really stuck with me. I remember how snarky Ms. Lepisto used to turn her glare towards the sound of crackling plastic packaging and ask, gravelly as can be, “did you bring enough for everyone?” I’m sure it was a maxim originally intended to dissuade kids from eating in class, but of course, I internalized the lesson all backwards. From that point onward, I didn’t just bring snacks to school – I brought feasts.

There’s something almost primal about the way people behave in the presence of bountiful dessert. Boundaries dissolve and smiles abound. Cliques lose their hold, and outcasts are given a chunk of common ground on which to stand. It’s like the ‘Circle of Life’ scene in The Lion King – disparate species coming together to bark, moo, and cluck in celebration of the world we share.

From the get-go, Morry and I aimed to use this bakery to give back to our community – not just as a gimmick, or a selling point, but as an integral component of our business. We toyed with a lot of different ideas, but ultimately, the best one was also the simplest. We use a portion of our profits to bake treats for Hospice AustinRonald McDonald House of Austin, and local grief-counseling support groups. 

It isn’t much, but it’s the right thing to do. There are people in our community who could use a little cheering up, and we know no better way than dessert. If you’d like to offer a bit of comfort to the sick, we encourage you to sign up for our treat-of-the-month subscription!

Help us bring enough food to class for everyone to eat.