The Paper Route Story

Back in the 90s, at a Jewish sleep-away camp out in the Texas hill country, Morry and Aaron made a name for themselves as top-notch candy smugglers. The contraband came primarily from Aaron’s older brother, who had developed a handful of ingenious tricks with which to elude the front desk mail check: sticks of bubblegum slipped between the pages of chapter books, chocolate bars in a flashlight’s battery compartment, etc.

Once at the cabin, the candy was sorted and stowed away. From that point on, it was referred to only by the code name ‘fresh air.’ Feigning exasperation, Morry and Aaron would turn periodically to their bunkmates. “We’re going outside to get some fresh air,” they’d say. “Anybody wanna’ join?”

As they grew up, Morry and Aaron continued to nourish their passion for good food and mindful eating. Morry’s interests took him in the direction of wholesome Organic ingredients, harvested from the Earth with as little human interference as possible. Meanwhile, Aaron’s voracious sweet tooth triggered a baking mania which carried him through countless cookbooks, and imparted him with the indelible aroma of cinnamon and sugar.

In 2015, almost two decades after their candy-smuggling escapades, Morry and Aaron put their heads together to figure out how to make a difference in the world. Paper Route Bakery is their answer.

A batch of blueberry scones won’t skew the course of human history, but it could give a team of coworkers the excuse they needed to share a smile. It could get a family talking about quality ingredients and favorite fruits. And it could provide our city’s diverse and developing population with a little bit of common ground.

Long story short, Morry and Aaron are going outside for some fresh air. Anybody wanna’ join?